Professional Ethics

Fall 2020 my junior year, I took a management course at Muhlenberg Fall, and at the end of the semester, I and three other students completed a project on workplace diversity. This paper and presentation emphasize the importance of diversity within organizations but also explain the barriers that make it difficult for some organizations to strive towards workplace diversity. Overall, the main takeaway from this project was that it is important to have a diverse organization because it creates a safe environment and brings different individuals together who may have different opinions and ideas that can contribute to an organization’s growth. Having a diverse environment brings different people together with different strengths, ultimately strengthening the organization as a whole. It was a great opportunity being able to research ways to achieve diversity within because while going through my own job-seeking process, I want to work at a company that works towards achieving diversity and inclusion, where there are opportunities and areas for personal growth within the organization.

Below you will find our Research project presentation and paper: