Career Plan

Proceeding graduation in May 2022, I hope to enter either the Business Marketing or Communications industry. I have a growing interest in Advertising and generating content to reach certain audience members. I also have expanded my knowledge of digital marketing through my own experiences. My experience taking various courses such as Financial Accounting, Statistics, Communication & Public Relations, and Documentary Research, has provided me with a well-rounded education of the Business field. Through courses I have taken I have learned how to use a variety of online tools such as Microsoft Excel, WeVideo System, and Canva. I hope to continue learning and gaining experience entering the Business field.

Fall of 2020, I had a marketing internship with an agency called Metamorphosis Agency. As a marketing intern, I helped generate organic social media content, helped with developing campaign content, and also helped with client projects. This internship allowed me to get hands-on experience using online databases to generate social media content. I learned about digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and the importance of organic media content. I was able to learn from my managers how they work together and to reach and gain clients with their creativity.

Summer of 2021, I interned for Calcium Healthcare Marketing and Advertising which exposed me to the Healthcare marketing industry. Since this internship, I have grown a passion for healthcare marketing as it serves a greater purpose and can help bring positive change to people’s lives. With that being said, I wish to enter this field post-graduation as I find it interesting and is something I feel strong and passionate about.