Leadership Skills

Women in Business Club Co-Leader

Since the Fall of 2020, I have been a part of the Women in Business club at Muhlenberg. When I first joined I was just an ordinary club member, but within a week of being in the club, I took it upon myself to pitch a potential alumni panel that we could set up for the club. After that, I then was initiated to be a part of the leadership team. I knew that the Women in a Business club was something I wanted to be a part of and help lead. Us leaders wanted to have a space for female students pursuing an accounting, business, economic or finance degree as we have picked up on a lot of our business classes are predominately male students. Us senior leaders are helping underclassmen with resume building, networking tips by setting up meetings with the career center, conducting presentations about our own personal experiences, and also hosting alumni panels.

My role in the Women in Business club is not just being a leader but also the VP of Careers and Corporate Relations. Where I help oversee events by helping organize and plan them. For example, when we hosted an alumni panel this past winter, I communicated with the alumni to make sure they were on the same page with the agenda, as well as making sure our club members were prepared to ask questions. Additionally, this fall we held a career-building workshop where the leadership of the club talked about our own internship experiences, as well as resume and interview advice.

Winter 2020 Women in Business Alumni Event

Captain of Women’s Lacrosse Team

For our 2022 lacrosse season at Muhlenberg, I along with four other girls were chosen to be the captains of our lacrosse team. I am often leading my teammates on and off the field. For example, on the field, I always make sure to support my teammates with positivity and give them directions. If we are learning new plays, I help underclassmen follow along so that they are on the same page with everyone else. While off the field, I have dedicated time to helping my underclassmen with resume building and LinkedIn editing, and other networking tips. I understand that playing a collegiate-level sport while also having to balance schoolwork can be tough, that’s why I make it known to my teammates that I am always a source of help with the job search process and tips to balance school work with lacrosse.